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HostedLABS Application Platform

Global Footprint: Your application deployed on our always-available global infrastructure.

Increase Revenue and Profitability:
Faster page loads equals more clicks and conversions, immediately improving your bottom line.

Customer and Revenue Retention: 100% uptime means your customers are served 24/7/365.

On Demand: Transparent and rapid scalability as your business grows.


Global Scale, Zero Downtime

HostedLABS makes your web infrastructure transparent. Our geographically distributed web-scale computing platform delivers unmatched scaling, availability, performance and security for your web application.

We provide a comprehensive solution, from development to production, eliminating the need to invest in infrastructure, systems, application management or people. Stop thinking about provisioning servers, capacity planning or disaster recovery and start thinking about your application and your business.


Technology is the Solution

The HostedLABS Application Platform is designed and optimized for applications built using open source technologies such as the LAMP application stack. Built on the principles of Autonomic Computing, the Platform is completely self-aware, and seamlessly handles high traffic volumes and site crashes without interruption, ensuring always-on availability.

The global footprint and intelligent geo-weighted traffic management algorithms ensure low latency to end users and resiliency in the face of Datacenter outages. By allowing your application to run in multiple locations the platform ensures that traffic bursts are more easily handled and scaling is instantaneous and transparent.